Formals Formals Andrea's Mother's-of -the-Bride dress Sides in and hem up 194072326 Bridal Party Maid's Gowns Customer: Lindsey Roberts 4 Bridesmaids individually designed and handcrafted by Andrea. 189456411 A very very long gown indeed. #1-2 2 layers and 7 inches too long. 199065033 A perfect gown. #2-2 Over 120" long hem of fine netting, now a perfect length. 199065034 Mom's prom gown #1-4 Front before 204370998 Mom's prom gown #2-4 Front after. We were going for the 'Belle' look. 204371001 Mom's prom gown #3-4 Close up back before, with a zipper. 204371000 Prom Dress Makeover #1-4 Final Outcome. From Mother to Daughter. 204368600 Prom Dress Makeover #2-4 Before 204368601 Mom's prom gown #4-4 Close up back after, with a corseted back. 204371003 Prom Dress Makeover #3-4 With a zipper and too small for daughter. 204368602 Prom time! 3 layers of hems and beaded bodice work. 204371069 Prom Dress Makeover #4-4 Final outcome. A happy daughter with a new gown for prom. 204368603